Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Ten things you didn't know about me...

The title of this blog seemed like a really good idea at the time. Now I'm quaking at the challenge. I've decided to do it like Steve Martin does the 20 better things about his nose in the movie 'Roxanne'. So, here goes:

  1. DISGUSTING: A dog ate my afterbirth. No seriously, its true. Great title for my memoirs, though, eh?
  2. ROMANTIC: I asked my husband to marry me at the salad counter in M&S three months after we met.
  3. ARTISTIC: My favourite historical artists are Matisse, Rothko, Frida Kahlo, Duncan Grant, Vanessa Bell, Clare Leighton, Edward Seago and J-L David.
  4. LOCAL: My favourite contemporary artists are Garry Pereira, Serena Hall, Celia Hart and others
  5. ECOLOGICAL: I love bats. I think they are magical and marvellous creatures. They make me as excited as a three-year-old in a sweet shop.
  6. PROBABLY PRETENTIOUS (!):I love talking about philosophy with my friend Sally.
  7. UNFORGIVABLE: My 'A' Level graphics teacher told me I would never get into art school because although I was a good draftsman, I didn't have any originality.
  8. SCOTTISH:I have this thing about Scotland. Or more accurately, Scottish men. I think its the accent. I have a total crush on the author Iain Banks.
  9. LITERARY: The last book I read was 'Eat, Pray, Love' by Elizabeth Gilbert.
  10. JUST PLAIN WEIRD: One of my favourite movies is 'Mean Machine' with Vinnie Jones and Jason Statham. Its about football. Mad, eh?
Phew, did it. Now,I wonder if I can come up with another ten...

Oh, and did I mention the shoes? And Neil Oliver? And....

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