Friday, 29 October 2010


Well, apologies that I haven't written for ages, which is because its been bedlam here!  Travelling from pillar to post for family gatherings, and in between, trying desperately to recover.  The great news is that I am doing well, apart from the feet (!), and feeling optimistic. 

I am harvesting the fruits of this year's emotional work in abundance, and feeling ready to go down into the Dark Time of the year, that period between Samhain (31 October) and Yule (21 December), the time of the Underworld, if you know your Persephone myth, during which we have the opportunity to turn inwards and consider our mental and spiritual worlds.  This is the time when I write best, and believe me, I'm writing furiously at the moment.

Right now I am particularly thankful for living where I do.  It is hard to believe we have been here fore two years - it doesn't seem so long, and the trauma of the move is still very fresh in my memory.  But since I have been here, I have grown and healed tremendously, and realising it has reconciled me to this new place.  It is especially lovely at this time of year too, which helps. 

However, I just saw my neighbour on my afternoon walk, and she cheerily told me that a 'Siberian Winter' is predicted for this year, worse even than last year, during which we were snowed in twice!  I'm not sure how I'm going to feel about living in the middle of nowhere if we do get a repeat performance of last winter.  So its time to lay in the logs and oil and hope for the best.  Wish me luck!

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  1. I always feel that the dark time lasts until Imbolc. The first snowdrop makes me believe in the light again. I'm not looking forward to a hard winter, keep warm!