Thursday, 13 January 2011

The film we didn't see, and the unexpected meeting

Picture by Jacqui Cawley of my disastrous 'Big Day'
Bizarre moment of serendipity last night.  Pat and I decided we were going to see the film 'The Kings Speech' at Cinema City in Norwich - but when we arrived, we couldn't get tickets.  So we sat in the bar, trying to decide what to do instead - whether to try another cinema (which we don't like) or just go home and blob in front of the telly, as we usually do.  We didn't really want to do that either because we were trying to have a 'date night'.  We ended up compromising by stopping off at Tesco to buy some cheap DVDs and watched those instead. 

While we were talking two women came into the bar and stood next to us to order drinks.  Later, while I waited in the lobby while Pat went off to the loo, one of them came up to me and said, 'Is that Pat you were with?  Because if it is, I went to your wedding!'

This beautiful lady turned out to be the ex-girlfriend of an old pal of Pat's with whom we had been at several weddings that singular summer.  Now I don't remember much about my wedding (long story), but how likely is it that you are going to have an apparent stranger (or at least someone you don't recognise) come up to you in a cinema lobby and say 'I went to your wedding' fourteen and a half years after the event?!  Anyway, it turned out they had a lovely time at our wedding.  I'm glad somebody did.


  1. You had beautiful hair, even if you didn't have a lovely time!

  2. Enjoying the following 14 and a half years is more important!

  3. @Dikran, yes, I have to say, bad wedding = excellent marriage! But I had to keep muttering to myself all that day 'its not about *getting* married, its about *being* married'!