Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Doing something positive

Sketchbook pages - various pens and water wash
I've had another collapse, but that's probably a good thing because I am going to see the neurologist tomorrow, so the symptoms will be fresh in my mind.  It comes from not allowing myself to admit I feel horrendous.  And boy, do I feel horrendous!  I'm really fed up of being so ill for so long, since well before Christmas.  Its been a foul winter, and I shall be glad when its over.

In the meantime, I've been congratulating myself for having written over 21,000 words (76 pages) since Christmas on the new bodice-ripper, and playing in my sketchbook.  I declared a duvet day today, mainly because my body was refusing to do anything else, but I did manage to spend a bit of time practicing my pen and ink rendering and a bit of scribbly sketching.  When I give up the idea that it must be perfect, I just do it, and its such fun.  I wish I could get out of my own way a bit more often.

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  1. I'm sending you hugs and positive vibes that you feel better soon. It's good you're going to the doctor and I hope they can do something for you :)

    It's amazing you've written so much despite feeling so crap. It must mean writing is your true vocation!