Thursday, 19 May 2011


Sailing past the Paps of Jura  (Via)
Getting ready for a holiday is a difficult time for me.  Its hard to take care of myself when I am feeling so stressed about getting everything done.  I don't know why I am getting myself in such a state.  I have plenty of time.  When I think of how I used to organise day meetings for 700 delegates, or weekend residential conferences for 200, you'd think getting two of us out of the door would be a cinch!  I've always got very stressed and anxious about travelling, probably because I don't cope well with change.  For me, a holiday is rather more like an assault course to be endured than a good rest.  I always come back feeling like I need a month in bed to recover. 

This time I am going to make it different.  I intend to see it as a PROCESS to be ENJOYED (alien concept there).  I want to be mindful of each and every step on the journey.   I want to engineer moments of stillness in the midst of the DOING, in order to stop and reflect.  I want to have memories as well as photographs.

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