Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Artists for Respect

A lot of debate has been going on in the blogosphere lately about the issue of intellectual copyright over artwork and workshop content.  I am a bit hesitant to weigh into such contentious waters, for fear of causing offense, but this is a subject dear to my heart, because I too risk a lot by putting my writing and drawings on my blog.  Once its out there, its out there. Its hard to know where the line is, and sometimes I've found myself crossing it unwittingly as well.

But there is an etiquette developing and I wholly support this movement.  There is a delicate balance between saving our intellectual property and being able to share freely within the community. 

When does the blog post you sweated blood over become someone else's cut and paste slap-up job?   What if I shared sections of my novels or short stories here, and then discovered them published under someone else's name?  I don't profess to understanding the issues of copyright, but I agree with Pam Carriker and Rice Freeman-Zachary, and others, that it needs to be discussed.

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  1. hhhhmmmmm, interesting. It's so easy to delve in to all the other ideas out there and then get mixed up as to whether an idea you have is yours, is another's, or is an amalgamation of all those things out there and then is it therefore okay! I guess intuition is a good guide at times like this too. Thanks for the thoughts :)