Saturday, 24 September 2011


I've been at it all day, and I am now utterly certain. Shopping for a dress is the definition of HELL!  I've been everywhere, in Norwich and Beccles, and there is nothing, and I mean nothing, that either a) I can afford, b) is suitable, by which I mean doesn't make me look like a whore,and has sleeves of some kind, and c) doesn't make me look like a camel in a frock.  Or my grandmother. 

Why is this so hard?  I mean, I've even lost a whole dress size in the last three months, for Gods' sakes!  Oh, well. I suppose I've got till the 23rd of October.  And there is always ebay.  Or the Boden catalogue.  Which no doubt everybody else will be dressing from.  Does anybody know a good dressmaker in the Norwich area for the next time I am invited to a big event, because I'm not going through this a third year running...

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  1. Hey, I meant to ask yesterday, have you managed to find anything to wear yet? I'm quite glad my outfit has been decided for me!