Tuesday, 20 December 2011

I'm reviewing the situation....

Ron Moody as Fagin in the film 'Oliver!'
Its that Dickensian time of year again, the last few days before the Big Day.  I finished my shopping today, and the presents are wrapped and under the tree.  And now I am taking a bit of time to sit on the sofa and think about the last six months, and the next.  Its been a very complicated time.  I've:
  • written about 50,000 words at least
  • helped to organise my stepfather's funeral
  • helped to care for my grieving mother
  • grieved myself, too
  • been to my niece's wedding
  • fallen in love with Him
  • And fallen back in love with Him
  • and met him. (He's wonderful.)
  • and changed my opinion of this. (Its a beautifully written book, in case you wondered.)
  • unblocked the drains (AGAIN)
  • fallen on the ice (AGAIN)
  • drifted in a dreamworld for most of the time.
I've also failed to:
  • meditate
  • do daily yoga
  • write many blog posts
  • finish my Victorian Bodice-ripper novel
  • look after myself in much of a tangible way
  • understand why I need to write 50,000 words of Sherlock fanfiction (It's about my father, apparently.)
But can this 'felon be a felon all her life?' (As the song goes.)  My plan for the next few months in beginning to form, thanks partly due to the help in this book , which is amazing.  So at this point, as I see it, 2012 is going to be the year of:

  • meditation
  • yoga
  • reading more great fiction and even a bit of poetry
  • finishing that Victorian Bodice-ripper
  • okay, look, I can't see me not still being addicted to this, can you?
  • writing writing writing
  • and maybe taking a life drawing class.  But don't quote me on that.
  • And going to this.  For def.
  • And writing more posts for this blog.  And another one that I am secretly incubating, with the possible involvement of lemons.  Watch this space....
And now I have to go and have a lie down and try not to think about Benny in that sheet....   I may be some time.

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