Monday, 1 July 2013

Contemplation Monday

In many ways I am very lucky to be able to set aside a day just to be by myself, to contemplate where I am in life, how I want to move forward.  This is something I do every Monday.

I take time to meditate.  Do a bit of yoga.  Have a long hot bath and do all those little personal grooming jobs that are easily neglected (hairy legs, I'm looking at you!)

I write in my journal.  Do my Life Organizer.  Consider the issues that are coming up for me that the moment. This is often the time that I realise what is the underlying issue prompting my 'pain of the week' or other physical symptoms I may be having, or even whatever emotion I have been suppressing.

I also try to spend some time outside, because I find that helps to ground me in my body, which is primary trigger for personal growth in my world.

Having a whole day to myself to set my intention for the week, the month, the season, the year, my life, is, I recognise, an enormous privelige.  I wonder if a morning, or even an hour set aside once a week, could be a good habit to develop for you.  A little 'Me' time.  Time to remind yourself who you are and what you really want amidst all the busybusybusy of 21st century life.  I have to say, I find it incredibly helpful, and I highly recommend it.

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  1. Used to see you on H empnall bus. You encouraged me to write. Have finished one book and am at present finishing second , a sequel. Would love to take further but not sure how. I just enjoy creating something that is just me.