Friday, 27 November 2009


(Friendship is: wearing mad slippers together...)

Brene Brown's lovely blog always includes a TGIF posting on a Friday, except that she calls it 'Trust - Gratitude - Inspiration Friday'.  So I thought, in emulation of her, I would post my own TGIF.

Today I am trusting that I will get used to my new Varifocal spectacles! My eyes are getting incredibly tired incredibly quickly from wearing them, and my typing accuracy has gone down from pretty poor to negligible!  I just hope that this big change is going to be a huge improvement in the long run, and I will stop cutting my fingers while making the dinner because I'll be able to see the knife! (To all you young whipper-snappers out there - HAH! you've got this to look forward to!)

I am grateful that Pat's auntie, who helped to bring him up, didn't have a stroke after all this week, but some kind of intense migraine episode instead.  Enormous relief and happiness.

I am inspired by kind words of praise about my last posting from my friend and acclaimed poet, Heidi Williamson, who always seems to know the right thing to say, and by Nina Robertson (left), who always makes me feels special.

Thanks ladies.

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