Friday, 4 December 2009

TGIF Again!

My favourite oak tree is hanging on valiantly to her leaves

I can't believe Friday has rolled around again so fast! I had a hundred thoughts about cool things to write here this week, but they never got written down.  Instead, this week's magnum opus has been a letter to the bank - asking why they are charging me (get this) £32 for going over my limit by (even better) 31p!!!! (I know you shouldn't overuse exclamation marks, but I think on this occasion it is justified.) I'm looking forward to hearing their response...(Don't hold your breath, people.)

One thing that did strike me very forcefully this week was a comment by a friend, Carol, who said lovely things about my blog posts and the way I write, but that she couldn't leave a comment because she was too afraid that she couldn't write nicely enough.  Firstly, I want to say, Carol, I am really touched and grateful for your feedback. And you CAN write beautifully, because if you express a feeling, it it is intrinsically beautiful.    And secondly, if you are one of the few bodies who visit this site, please, please leave a comment and let me know you are out there!  It would be nice to know I am not writing into a black hole!

OK, heres this week's TGIF - Trust-Gratitude-Inspiration Friday:

I am trusting that the small stuff will sort itself out... That the money will come somehow; that the clutter will get tidied; that the house will get cleaned; that the to do list will get done; that next weekend, when I get to my writing retreat, I will actually feel prepared; that Christmas and all its attendant travelling and stress will turn out to be magical after all.

I am grateful for the oasis of time I have had this week to recover and be.  Three days of catching my breath and pottering about, resting, making my first batch of mince pies, sitting at my desk, reading, drawing.  I am so grateful that I have had time to do a few pleasurable things for myself.  Its been bliss.

I am inspired by the season.  Yesterday we went up to Bungay, our nearest town, and the Christmas lights had been switched on.  Everything looks so twinkly and cosy.  The Bungay Christmas Street Market is on Sunday, and we are going - can't wait!!

Hope you are feeling TGIF too.

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