Saturday, 26 June 2010


Remembering to look - the Eglantine rose in the garden has just come out.

Its all been a bit mental here lately, which is why I haven't posted for absolutely ages.  Sometimes life gets in the way.  One thing I've learnt in all this stress is how easy it is to allow myself to live in my head.  Once I do that, the stress takes over, and I become a complete basket case. Everything gets totally out of proportion and its impossible to be rational about anything, especially whatever it is I am stressed about.

The way to tackle this is to get grounded.  To go out into the garden, plant my naked feet firmly in the grass and soak up the prana.  To get inside my body, listen to it, find out what it is saying to me, what it is showing me is really the problem - like my fear of failure being about my deeper, older fear of not being loved; like my habit of leaving things to the last minute being a way of confirming my bad opinion of myself, that I am lazy, selfish, unreliable and indisciplined.  Sitting with my body, scanning which parts of me are hurting, I can find out what I need to do about it - the pain in my throat saying 'ask for help', for example.

The answers are always there inside me.  If only I don't get so caught up in the melee of stress that I forget to listen for them.

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