Monday, 14 June 2010


We had a busy weekend this weekend, with Pat's family up.  We all gathered in Southwold to enjoy the sea and the sights - and the marvelous 'Under the Pier Show' which, if you have not seen it, is really worth a visit.  Here is a sneak peek of my brother-in-law enjoying the 'Brainwash' machine!

Meanwhile the family photo had to be taken outside the Sailor's Reading Room, another favourite place.  Of course, it being us, we were all freezing and making silly faces!

(Picture taken by a kind passer-by)
 Since I got back, I've been trying to recover and catch up with myself. As always there feels like a mile of OUGHTS to get through, and because I'm so tired and twitchy, I can't seem to settle to anything, even resting.  So this afternoon I got out my new dip pen and had a bit of fun with it, practising the cross-hatching techniques I learnt the other day....

...on a little practice portrait of a friend.  I think it would look better in pen and wash, actually,but you can never be sure until you have a try.

 (Portrait of Kim Parkinson by RB)
I really love the dip pen, its such a new freedom from the pens I have used before, which have either been fibre-tipped fineliners or Rotring drawing pens, neither of which give you any control over the amount of ink or thickness of line coming out.  Dip pens are an adventure that I am looking forward to exploring, along with ink and watercolour washes.

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  1. No oughts for a week! Lucky you! Thanks for this post's fab pic again and rest easy for a while... A xxx