Monday, 23 August 2010

Bad day

I've been having a few bad days recently, which is why Michael Nobb's latest post rang bells with me.  He talks about the things he does when he is having a bad ME day, to nurture himself, cope with the exhaustion, and find a sense of achievement.  When I am having a bad day, its usually because I haven't been giving myself a break.  I haven't been listening to my body, so my body shouts at me in the loudest way it can - by stopping me in my tracks.

The other day I spent two delicious hours mooching about in the Millennium Library in Norwich, which is one of my favourite places.  Two hours just choosing books, just looking at the pictures in books, just reading a little here and there, to whet the appetite.  Bliss!  One of the books I came across was this one by Bobby Baker, an album of watercolours she did during a period of serious mental illness.  It's very moving, and at times a little disturbing.  I've been looking for ways I could use my drawing skills to help my healing process. Bobby Baker drew how she felt.  I find that hard to depict.  But I can at least draw how it looks when I have a bad day:

Bad day, dip pen and acrylic ink.

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