Monday, 2 August 2010


For me as a Pagan, Lammas is a religious holiday which I observe on the first two days of August.  Lammas is the first of the harvest festivals, the celebration of bringing in the cereal crops, hence it's name, a derivation of the Medieval 'Loaf Mass'.  For me it is a time of looking back over the year and considering the fruits of the seeds I have planted in my life.  There is still time to plant, though, so I also consider what else I want to do to get to where I want to be come October, and Hallowe'en.

In the last post, I talked about the cartoon I made to commemorate the 'Help for Heroes' charity match.  It was a big deal for me that there were three professional artists there who all praised my work with enthusiasm.  And the recipient clearly liked it too!

(And then, when I arrived here in Sussex, at the home of our friends, I found that they had framed and hung a little cartoon I did of them last time we were here - I was so touched!) 

This time last year, I would never have even put pen to paper, let alone let anybody see my drawings.  And I had totally forgotten how to use watercolours.  The seeds I have planted this year have been about my art - about getting out of my own way and drawing and painting, in whatever small way I feel I can, without judgement.   I won't say without fear, because its still a scarey process just to get me as far as the drawingboard, but its a start.  Lately I've begun to feel I am really getting the hang of it, and the General's cartoon was an enormous milestone.  So this is the 'loaf' I am celebrating this Lammas, the fruits of my labours, the first step on my way to becoming more 'myartistself'.

Enough of the cereal crop, then.  What will the Autumn Equinox bring, the fruit crop of my life?

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