Thursday, 29 July 2010

Help for Heroes

Sheppard's Flock, the opposition team.  Spot the celebs!
My cartoon: "Hope you don't mind, Sheppard, but I've brought a runner!"
 Tonight we've been at a charity cricket match in which Pat was playing, in aid of 'Help for Heroes'.  It was a great match in aid of a great cause.  One of the charity's patrons in General Sir Richard Dannatt, former chief of the British Armed Forces, who agreed to take part, as did former Norwich City goalkeeper, Bryan Gunn.  I was asked to make a cartoon to present to the General to commemorate his visit, so I have spent a lot of this week staring at pictures of him from the internet, trying to draw his nose of his chin right!  It turned out to have been time well spent because he really liked the picture, and I got a kiss for my efforts!  Bryan Gunn was game enough to auction off some lovely paintings donated by our friend, painter Martin Battye.  Organiser Tim Sheppard, the former physio to Norwich City, thinks we should have raised about £500, but you can get a more accurate total when its all totted up from the Saxlingham Gents website.  I've talked myself hoarse and had a great time, and its late, but I thought I'd put up some pics to share what was a lovely evening with you.

Bryan Gunn hamming it up as auctioneer.

General Sir Richard Dannatt and the proud artist. 

Getting a snog from a military icon (yes, I am such a tart for a man in uniform!)

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