Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Oh dear...

I've fallen into a bit of a hole.  Did too much.  Nearly passed out yesterday in public.  A 42 year old woman lying on her back on a sofa in the student's union at UEA isn't what you'd usually expect to see. (Interesting that nobody came up to me to see if I was okay, though.) Never mind.   Pat brought me home and shovelled me into bed, where I have been ever since.  Getting up and down the stairs to the loo is as much as I can manage.  I may not even manage to get washed and dressed today.

And I never saw it coming.  I had several days rest after our trip to the Royal Norfolk Show last Thursday, knowing I would need it.  But I was feeling a lot better.  This is what ME is like.  You think you are okay,but there it is, lurking under the shadows, waiting to jump out on you.  I've used up all my energy typing this now, and my vision has gone all blurry again.  Back to sleep, I suppose.

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