Thursday, 22 July 2010


So here  she is, the birthday girl, and she doesn't look like 50 years, does she?
Birthday girl and her mum.  Well if you can't have silly sunglasses on your birthday, when can you?

 Enjoying the party on the stern.  Yes, that's me on the left. Great dress, isn't it?
Lavinia, Nina and Sue enjoying the sunshine outside the boatshed before we set off.
Sue in the sun.
 Nina and Lavinia.
Nina and her big sister Sally.
Saturday evening's entertainment - specially rewritten version of 'The Drunken Sailor's song by Lavinia and Richard.  Top marks for inventiveness and costume, especially the glow-in-the-dark bear tooth necklace.
Comedy moment of the trip.  The handle came off the teapot as Lavinia was carrying it out of the galley, and she and I both got scalded legs.  She had the sense to retreat to the shower to cool hers, while I ended up standing in a bucket of broads water!
The wherry - White Moth of the Norfolk Yachting Company.  White Moth and her skipper Kim come highly recommended.  Kim's endless patience and good humour were a delight, as were his huge store of stories and Broads information and history.
Sailing home....


  1. Lovely pics! But not sure re comment BIG sister!!!

  2. Actually, the bucket shot was taken just before we poured the concrete in

  3. Lovely pics. will sort ours out soon
    Richard & Lavinia


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