Friday, 16 July 2010


Every now and again, we all have a bit of a bumpy ride.  I am having one at the moment.  My mood is very low, and I have a swollen, infected eyelid.  It's hard to keep positive when I am feeling so raw and paranoid.  I am proud that I haven't fallen back into my old, self-harming ways yet, but its been a near thing.  Maybe its just the windy weather we are having.  My grandmother always used to get crabby when it was windy, and Pat does too.  I quite like it, though.  It's always been 'school trip' weather to me, because whenever I went on a school trip as a child, it always seemed to be on a blustery day.  I've got a holiday and an exciting adventure to look forward to in the coming weeks, and I am going out with friends this afternoon.  I just have to keep going, and hang onto the phrase that has been floating around my head for weeks now:

This too shall pass.

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