Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Book Blurb

I came up with the blurb to go with my new book last night, lying in bed at 2am.  Its the daft sort of thing I do in the middle of the night.  The blurb is the bit on the back of the cover that makes you want to buy the book.  Its one of the things you can write to help focus your mind on your plot.  Here's my first bash at the blurb for 'The Butler Did It'....

Benedict, 6th Viscount Ashcroft, is a man with two problems.  He's a gay man in 1880s London.  And he is desperately in need of a male heir.

Sarah, Viscountess Ashcroft, is the woman he marries.  Consumed with love for a man who can never return her feelings, she teeters on the edge of despair and disaster.

George Crawford is their butler.  He knows the dark secret in Lord Ashcroft's past, and holds the key to Lady Ashcroft's future.

When the three enter into a secret pact, they unwittingly unleash passions that threaten to destroy them all.

One thing's for certain...
                ......The Butler Did It!

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  1. This sounds great! I'd love to read it!

    When I worked at the publisher, one of the things I noticed was that a lot of authors found it difficult to boil down their plots to the very bare essentials needed in a blurb. Most of the ones they sent us were about four pages long and they were always rather insistant that we didn't miss out any of the points they'd made. Blurb writing really is a skill!

  2. Sounds great! I'd buy a copy, it sounds like a good read from your blurb. Does the last sentence give a bit too much away though, or is that what I am meant to think?