Saturday, 23 April 2011

Critter Encounter

I was sitting in my back yard this afternoon, reading a book and relaxing, when under the fence ambled a white ferret.  Yep.  A ferret.  It had a good look around and then embarked on examining me.  I have to confess all I could think about was a) where had it escaped from, and b) was it going to run up my trouser leg?  (I know, completely cliched.).  It turned out to belong to the gamekeeper next door, though how it had escaped from its pen I didn't manage to establish.  Never mind, the point is, it was was an unexpected delight.  Ferrets are such cheerful creatures.  It certainly cheered my day up.  Maybe I should get a couple and take them for walks on a lead....


  1. I do like ferrets.

  2. You should totally get ferrets, then you could be a crazy ferret lady and not a crazy cat lady - it's more unique!