Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Whats going on

Tulips snapped at Norfolk Lavender last year
The latest news from the Barrow Burrow in bullet point form because I feel too crap to write at length but want to post:
  • Became a Great Auntie yesterday - an 8lb boy born to Lucy, my brother's daughter, and Ben, her partner.
  • I didn't get shortlisted for the Pratchett Prize last week.  But I'm cool with that.  I'll write some more about why soon.
  • Very bad weekend energy-wise, but I'm cool with that too.
  • Pat is grumpy because Spurs just lost.
  • Pat is also grumpy because he is trying to lose a stone in four weeks before the cricket season starts.
  • Therefore we are on a low carb diet.  My tummy is much happier as a result.
  • Ducklings on the pond out back, this year's first.
  • Frogs in the pond out back, doing lots of 'cuddling'.
  • Not so consistent with the mindfulness meditation so far, but what I am doing managing to do is really helping.
  • Have declared April a Self Care Month.
  • Am saving for a new laptop, and feeling like I am committing an act of extreme betrayal, because I love this one so much, knackered tho it is.
  • My name is Rebecca and I am a chocolate addict.
  • The garden is starting to look green again, and Pat mowed the lawn, despite the duck glowering at us from her nest under the hedge.
  • My counsellor/guru thinks I should write erotic fiction.
  • Toying with starting a new blog about my fixation with notebooks, journals, planners, filofaxes and  all kinds of stationary.  Trying to think of a funky name (leave your ideas in the comments section below!)
Happy April everybody!  Spring is here!


  1. The way you wrote about the frogs 'cuddling' and the duck 'glowering' really made me giggle! I have total mental pictures of anthropomorphised animals watching you and Pat like you're mad and ruining their day! :) Hehehehe!
    With the new blog, there is a website called bookshelf porn so maybe something like stationery porn? Or maybe something a bit less....porny? Depends on the angle of the blog I guess. Hmmm....

  2. @milliewray,no seriously, that duck really does glower! I like the idea of stationary porn too. could cause some dodgy Google searches tho...

  3. Love the idea of stationary porn! I'm going to be doing an 'aspiring writers survival guide' that includes a few choice items from my own collection! But I suspect yours – especially the notebooks – will be much more beautifully decorated/illustrated than mine! Amy xxx