Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow Days

The farm track that leads to our house, taken by Pat this morning.

Britain is in the midst of the big freeze, and everyone is complaining - why can't the British cope when it snows?  Other countries manage with hardly any disruption at all, so why can't we?

The man on the weather said the other day its because of our maritime climate.  The snow here is wetter and more inclined to freeze as a result.  I think its just because we don't have a culture of being prepared - the Germans swap to deep-treaded winter tyres automatically, so why don't we?  Most British people don't even remember to put antifreeze in their wiper bottles!   We are idiots when it comes to the weather.  Frankly we deserve all we get.

Pat and I have decided our only solution is to stay put and listen to the cricket on the radio.  At least it sounds sunny!  Not that we have a choice.  Even our neighbour in her Landrover is having trouble getting up the track today.  Our little Punto is firmly beached out front and thats the way it is staying.  Lets just hope the food doesn't run out before we can get out again to shop!

Happy snow days, everyone!

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