Monday, 12 April 2010


Just a few pics of our holiday in Sussex, such a beautiful county.  Above is Thomas Paine's house in Lewes.  As an American Studies graduate, I have to take note of anything to do with Paine.  Also, he was a native of Thetford, in Norfolk, so its a double duty.

This is the lovely Adur valley above Amberley, viewed from the back of the Arundel Castle estate.  You can see what fabulous weather we had.
On the way to Sussex from my mother's house, in Hampshire, we stopped off the reccie the grounds for the next Saxlingham Gents cricket tour, which Pat is organising for June.  One place they are playing is Hawkley, near Petersfield, a particularly pretty village with a lovely Victorian church.  I'm not mad keen on Victorian churches usually, but this one is a corker, unusually subtle, with lovely windows and elegant artwork.  And, as you can see from above, fabulous floor tiles around the font (and you know what a sucker I am for tiles).  If you are ever in the area, I thoroughly recommend a visit.

In the graveyard at Hawkley, we found this deliciously sinuous yew tree, and I couldn't help but take dozens of pictures of it.

 Finally, this is one of my favourite houses in Arundel.  Its a beautiful piece of Georgian architecture made all the more splendid with the addition of an inspired garden.  I love the cyprus trees and the carefully balanced planting.  One day, I will get to live somewhere this elegant....

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