Thursday, 11 April 2013

Positivity for Breakfast

BBC News 24 Newsreaders Matthew Amroliwala and Jane Hill

Once upon a time, I met a woman who was healing after breast cancer.  Amongst the many really revolutionary things she was doing, she was flooding her life with positivity.  Her method was simply not to listen to the news or read the papers any more.

I thought she was weird.  And naive.  

Seriously, I couldn't imagine how you could survive without BBC News.  CONFESSION:  I am a total news addict.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a bit before bed time, I guzzle it all, even if they do show the same reports in every bulletin.

This week has really brought home what this is doing to me.  The blanket coverage of Margaret Thatcher's death has driven me to depths of psychopathy that I don't think anything else could have.  Whatever you thought of her is not a matter for discussion here.  The point is, do I really need to see continual reruns of the miners' strike and that whole, patronising 'Where there is discord...etc' speech over again, when they both make me want to scream and throw things? I really don't need that kind of trigger all the time.  It's wrecking my blood pressure.  Why am I doing it, I asked myself.



Cue New Habit:

Positivity for Breakfast.

From now on, I am not going to watch the news or look at the BBC News website until the lunchtime showing at 1pm.  (And I'm not going to look at it again until the 10pm slot at bedtime, because how much is it going to change in that anyway?)

Instead, I am going to read a positive, self-nurturing book, write my morning pages, do some yoga, meditation, rebounding (more about that another day), and maybe read some uplifting blogs from the list below.  NO doom and gloom for me in the mornings from now on.  I'm changing my physical diet, after all, so why not change my mental diet?  If I really am serious about flooding my life with positivity, better to be thorough about it.

I'll let you know how I get on...

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