Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Renton's Refrain, or How to rant to yourself in a constructive manner

I wish my bathroom mirror was as glamorous as this.  It isn't.

I do a lot of anger in the bathroom.  You know, ranting.  All the snappy retorts I should have come up with, the clever put-downs I should have used on ex-boyfriends and snotty colleagues. The things I really want to say to the people who have hurt me, but never have said and never do.  I don't shout at the mirror, but I might as well.

Lately, my rants have changed in nature.  I've started to refuse.

'I refuse to be manipulated my your childish behaviour.'
'I refuse to allow you to guilt-trip me.'
'I refuse to faciliate your martyr complex.'

That kind of thing.

It struck me today that no matter how positive the desire for self-protection which motivates these refrains is, they are still pretty negative.

Maybe I should try changing my obsessive growls into something more positive, something more affirming.

How about:

I choose calm
I choose radiance
I choose to release outdated behaviours and people
I choose life

(And today I've had Renton's speech from the start of 'trainspotting' going around my head too, which is kinda ironic.)

I found this too, which I might try to incorporate into our home, as a bit more affirmation.  After all, you can never have enough, can you?

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