Monday, 1 March 2010


I keep thinking about the Dalai Llama's story about catching mice.  I've probably mentioned it here before.  It goes that, as a child, he spent many months setting traps, trying to catch the mice that populated his quarters.  He caught none.  Eventually he concluded that the mice had decided to put the long-term pleasure of being alive over the short-term pleasure of eating the cheese.

The place I am in at the moment requires me to do exactly this.  I have to slow my life down enough not only to be aware of how I am thinking, but also sufficiently to examine every choice and decide whether it will serve my longer-term goals.  Every person who has ever been on a diet understands this.  But its not just about what I put in my mouth (though with the list of things I can't eat because my system can't handle them getting longer every minute, this is sure is an issue!).  I am trying to change how I think and behave. 

Living, and interacting with others, and with myself is a minute-by-minute process.  This is what I call 'Quantum Level Recovery'.  I am concentrating on taking life a step at a time, in really small steps.  How will I spend the next minute?  Somehow, this makes it manageable.

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